About Us

About Us

Our philosophy is that security should be about safety, not intimidation. We are not bullies, bouncers, or thugs, but rather customer service professionals dedicated to making sure everyone has a positive, safe experience.


At MES, we believe in:

Our first priority is safety.

We help to provide a pleasant customer experience, to build a regular clientele for your business. We do this by welcoming patrons in, keeping them safe, and treating them with respect.

We protect your business, ensuring all applicable laws are followed and by removing aggressive or combative patrons, with as little force as necessary. Our goal is to never need physical force but rather de-escalate situations before they arise. We protect the building, resources, and profits by minimizing damage, theft, and vandalism.


Our Story

Macgregor Event Staffing llc was founded in 2013 by security professionals. We realized their was a niche to be filled, and seized the opportunity to create a security business with higher, more organized, standards.

Our professionalism, attention to detail, and friendly staff enabled us to become the go to company for night life, festival, and events for the greater Seattle area. In 2016 we expanded by adding an office in Portland Oregon where we have seen amazing growth. We look forward to opening an office in Los Angeles in 2019.